From Alexey Navalny heard the insult

From Alexey Navalny heard the insultWe publish memoirs about Alexei Navalny his former fellow member of Yabloko, 86-year-old Angelina Borisovna Freeway, who has worked with him for several years. Recall that in 2007, Navalny was expelled from the party "Yabloko" for propagation of nationalist ideas.Navalny is not just flirting with the Nazis - he lobbied them to take at least a meeting of the organizing Committee-24, where it is openly declared. Navalny is not simply discussing the ideas of nationalists - he calls himself a nationalist. He's not just hints about his position, he participates in the "Russian marches".It is worth noting that a special hatred Alexei Navalny has for southern nationalities and this despite the fact that he finished the Russian University of friendship of peoples. At the same time, for example, to the Jews, "the main whistleblower of corruption in the country" is completely loyal. Still, after Navalny himself of this particular nationality. In this regard, it is not surprising with the Union with another Jew, and as strange as it sounds, the leader of the skinheads Dmitry Demushkin, with whom they organized a "Russian March"....Apple is disgraceful to nationalism, and Bulk, I think, tried to hold back. But sometimes frustrated. In the heat of the dispute said jablonica-the Azeri: "And you, nigga, just shut up, your place in the market." The woman ran out in tears, complained that the Bulk behavior was discussed, he justified, he believed. Those moments were few....Relations Bulk to one person or another is largely determined by the national affiliation of this person. I could not understand. I thought what you professed nationalist beliefs when you have specific people you see in him all the same person, and not representative of the nation, but there wasn't. Bulk disliked and despised the Yabloko-Georgian just because he is Georgian. Called him always with contempt in his voice, "old Georgian", although he was not old and was beautiful. I loved him. I wrote a post about him "My Georgian friend." We worked with him in the Commission on party construction and organized a debating club "Freethinker". But, for Bulk it all meant nothing. The main thing was that the Georgians. When I uttered the words "Georgian poetry", he laughed, his laughter above. It amused the very phrase "Georgian poetry". If I said that the Georgians adopted Christianity for several centuries before the Russians, and that they had the great epic of world importance written monument "the knight in the Panther's skin", when in Russia there were only "Teachings of Vladimir Monomakh", he let that one pass. Shift the Bulk of his nationalist positions was impossible. Especially he despised the countries and peoples of South and South-East....I think Alexei Navalny, the most dangerous man in Russia. Not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead to understand that the worst thing that could happen to our country is the rise to power of the nationalists. The memory of Nazi Germany is still alive. Even so unloved by me Prokhorov understands that nationalism is the road to hell. The defeat in the Cold war and the fall of the Empire is the best breeding ground for nationalism. But while nationalists is DPNI, RNE, skinhead showty - the arrival of the nationalists to power does not threaten us. It is quite another matter Bulk....He fought like a lion to stay in our party, it seems that an exception was seen somewhere as a failure, otherwise why would he this party. Once out of her Bulk in 2007 he co-founded the national-democratic movement "People". With Navalny left three more people from the Apple device, receiving in the party's wages, one Ilya 101 in the room remained. The departed took office near the office of Apple. In the heart of the city the rent is expensive, don't know who financed them. All gone I loved and missed them, could not enter into the deserted room, called them, were all going to visit them, rejoiced when he saw him, and those whom I love, I love longer". But in June 2008 at the conference "New political nationalism" movement "People" have signed a cooperation agreement with DPNI. And here the weakness which I had for Bulk evaporated in an instant....immediately became clear that the name of the DPNI (Movement against illegal immigration) does not reflect the essence of the movement. It's just a way to legitimize the movement and present it as a fighter for the rule of law. Actually illegal migration they were interested in the least, she was even useful to them, as is clear from the above. At the meeting with us they are about illegal immigration and not mentioned. At first glance it might seem that nothing terrible they did not. But Elena broke down and ten minutes and with a cry ran from the room. I then read the entry about this meeting to learn one of the nationalists: "some aunt, probably remembering the Kishinev pogrom, with a cry rushed out of the hall. Elena Nikolaevna - blooded Cossack by mother and father. So the Kishinev pogrom had her nothing but Privcy couldn't imagine that. I also was very uncomfortable. I had the feeling that I was placed in a dark cold of airless space, and I freeze and suffocate. Our clearly suffered defeat in the so-called debate, and it is not surprising. I also wouldn't know what to say, but I wouldn't mind. Discussion is impossible here. It's like the conversation of the lamb with the wolf in the fable of Krylov, "You are guilty because I want to eat".

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