Meladze robs Brezhneva stage name

Meladze robs Brezhneva stage nameIn show business has razril Xia new scandal involving copyright. Younger sister of brothers Valery and Konstantin Meladze Liana has applied for registration of the mark "Vera Brezhnev".And if the patent Agency will give you good, instead of the blonde singer won the hearts of the strong half of mankind in Ukraine and in Russia, one day on stage can get a different singer, but under the same popular name which is known by millions.Sonorous name under which sexy actress known to the public, unfortunately, she had not at birth. In testimony at the newly-born Ukrainian girls stood: "Vera Galushka". And when a woman is married, her passport appeared the surname of the husband - Kiperman.Pop name with a touch of the Soviet past Faith invented by a former producer of the group "VIA Gra" Dmitry Kostyuk, when she was just starting a career in the team. Why the choice fell on the name of the Secretary General, is simple: a singer and Leonid Ilyich - countrymen. They were both born in Ukraine, in Dnipropetrovsk.BrandAnd now the phrase "Vera Brezhnev", which has become for fans of the star brand can start a new life. The fact that an application for registration of such trademark is filed is not the singer, and producer of a major music company Liana Meladze.Even those who are not too strong in our understanding of the laws of show business, it is clear that Faith itself is unlikely to be on the arm of such a decision. Because from now on to control every step of the stars, to keep track of all the projects under this name will be the owner of the brand. Moreover, it is curious that Liana Meladze wants to register a well-known name is not on the production center, where she is the co-founder, and for myself personally.The lawyers are convinced that this step producer went, hoping finally and irrevocably to keep the artist and not give her the chance to escape. Want freedom - please! Only to start your career over again, as sold under the name "Vera Brezhnev" to appear on the stage cannot be legally accurate.In General, the idea to sell-to buy the names of the artists appeared in the West, where around stars created a real industry for pumping money. After the musician only the first time is on my name and then name your whole life feeds by. However, the producer still can't make a decision without his client or his heirs. If the artist decides to break the contract, he will either agree extremely unfavorable conditions and buy name-brand, or leave with nothing...The courtIn our country trials sharing the star's name was a little. The loudest of them - the dispute about the rights to the name "Dima Bilan" between the heirs of producer Yuri ayzenshpisa and singer Dima Bilan, whose real name is Viktor Belan. At the time, the ayzenshpisa bought loud alias, and after his death his widow has decided to pick up artist has a right to be Dima Bilan. The court then won the singer.The lawyer Dima Bilan Eugene Permut sure that buying a name not strongly affect the musical career of the artist. Another thing, if a musician decides furnace specialty rolls under its own brand or sewing trendy clothes. Then questions about the sale of names not only appropriate, but necessary.However, Vera Brezhneva while about his plans to become a Baker or seamstress, so step on which ventured Liana Meladze, - not that other, as attempt to tie one of the brightest and most sought-after singers to himself once and for all. By the way, the singer herself about what is happening, most likely, has no clue, as for the third month is filming in the jungles of Thailand... . Source: Meladze robs Brezhneva stage name.

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