Natalia Vodianova insulted fatties

Natalia Vodianova insulted fattiesAt a recent social event is usually an incredibly tactful Natalia Vodianova has shocked the public with a story about that from overeating feels like a pig, and said that to be thin is better than full than terribly offended by fat Chicks.Recently in the UK was the Vogue festival, which brought together not only pathetic audience, but also the best models of the world, such as Eva Herzigova, Lily Cole, Natalia Vodianova, and Jourdan Dunn. It was all cause and extremely well until the topic of conversation't talked about food and a healthy lifestyle. Actually, the topic started eve, which I had to admit that she and many of her friends-models are simply born with such an enviable physique.The topic of food supported and Vodianova, who stated that treats his body like a temple. But then Natalia blurted obvious stupidity. "If I eat like a pig, I'd feel like a pig. Sometimes I eat a delicious, lovely dinners out of seven dishes with my grandparents. In the morning I Wake up and feel like a d***mo. If I feel that way, I can't okay to treat myself", - quotes the statement of the model One can only imagine how confused led a strict public Vodianova.But it saved the day Lily Cole, who decided to show off his erudition and told the story of how representatives of one tribe in Botswana during a ritual dance shouted to each other: "Fatty, fatty, fatty!", and she only then realized that it's a compliment. However Vodianova tonight obviously "carried". She took the initiative and politically incorrect said: "come on you guys, you know that it is better to be thin than fat.".

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