The anniversary of Tarkovsky will celebrate the Museum's retrospective

The anniversary of Tarkovsky will celebrate the Museum's retrospectiveIn the State gallery on Solyanka April 12, will open a retrospective of Director Andrei Tarkovsky Tarkovsky. Space", which is dedicated to celebrating the 80 th anniversary of his birth.On the website of the gallery is noted that this is the first such large-scale Museum retrospective of Tarkovsky.The organizers of the exhibition, in particular, its curator Vyacheslav Shmyrova, the exhibition will be on display all the films of Tarkovsky's "Solaris", "Stalker", "Andrei Rublev" and others. In contrast to the usual retrospectives in addition to the films there will show things from his house, books, photographs, sketches, and posters.Some of the exhibits will be demonstrated for the first time, some of them provided by the State Central Museum of cinema, as well as "Mosfilm" and Library cinema Eisenstein. It is suggested that this documentary evidence will help create a more complete picture about the life and work of Tarkovsky. In addition, we will show some documentaries about the film and recordings of the performances, set them.In the framework of the exhibition project will be held round tables with colleagues and friends of Andrei Tarkovsky. A separate event will be dedicated to the memory of screenwriter Tonino Guerra, who worked with Tarkovsky. Guerra died 21 March 2012.The official opening is scheduled for April 11; it will be present Tarkovsky's sister Marina, Director Sergei Soloviev, actress Margarita Terekhova, as well as the Museum's Director Fyodor Pavlov - Andreevich. The exhibition will continue until may 20.Andrei Tarkovsky died in 1986 in Paris at the age of 54. His penultimate film "Nostalgia" - it was filmed in Italy, then decided not to return to the USSR. The last film Tarkovsky's "the Sacrifice" was created in Sweden. In 1990 the theater was posthumously awarded the Lenin prize. Source: the Anniversary of Tarkovsky will celebrate the Museum's retrospective.

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