Top 5 best clips of 2011

Top 5 best clips of 2011 Of course, we could not form its own ranking of the best music videos of the past year.Everyone in the newsroom was your list, but we were still able to select the Top 5 videos that we just can't be special claims. So, in order.First fantastic Lady Gaga and her work is Born This Way. This year she was not beautiful in the video, but this masterpiece is not just makes the brain, he presents the Gaga on a pedestal of our own, and indeed all of the world rankings. I must admit, deservedly.The second position Katy Perry - E. T. ft. Kanye West. Maybe someone does not like a good California girl Catherine, but this clip she is so very good. Again, honey is a love story the astronaut and the alien. And all this against the backdrop of a fantastic alien landscapes.Britney Spears - Till The World Ends. After this clip all at once started to go into the topic of what will happen after the end of the world. The Apocalypse is now in Vogue, and the old lady Britney believes earned money. But she is great - was able to return to Olympic glory.In fourth place Rihanna and her candid video We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris. Very atypical work for the performer, through which she was able to win the hearts of the next echelon of fans of her talent. A bit brutal, but very sensual and dynamic video.And in fifth place is the most lyrical and beautiful song of the year performed by Adele - Someone Like You. And who cares what the clip is simple and straightforward. But the music is beautiful and deserves to be immortalized (or at least included in our ranking). Adele - well done!That's it. Of course, we could continue this list indefinitely, but who'd read it? Better to relax and just enjoy good music.Source: Top 5 best clips of 2011.

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