The marriage of Vladimir Kuzmin has collapsed six months ago

The marriage of Vladimir Kuzmin has collapsed six months agoTen-year marriage to musician actually collapsed - 56-year-old singer already half a year does not live with his young wife.According to rumors, the reason for that was provocative photos of Ekaterina Trofimova, which she was kissing some guy:Kuzmin himself didn't want about the problems in his family learned members of the press. But the first wife of the singer, Tatiana Artemyeva, told reporters that the past six months Vladimir lives alone, but is silent about it.By the way, all this time the singer behaves like a bachelor: caring for young groupies, leaning on alcohol. My musician friends said repeatedly that he was going to divorce, but further words business is not yet gone. Those, in turn, are convinced that Catherine married Vladimir on his cunning and mainly in order to gain a foothold in Moscow.Recall that the current marriage for Kuzmina - third. First wife of the artist became poetess Tatiana Artemyeva, the second American model Kelly Curzon. In addition, the musician has long lived in a civil marriage with actress Vera Sotnikova. Source: the Marriage of Vladimir Kuzmin has collapsed six months ago.

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