Johnny Depp was caught in bajovski rags

Johnny Depp was caught in bajovski rags State johnny Depp is estimated at 400 million dollars, because it is unlikely barebody appearance has something to do with financial problems.The other day the paparazzi took a picture of the actor in new York. He looked, to put it mildly, not very: shaggy, rumpled, unkempt, and everything else, and in a tattered hat. Despite the fact that Vanessa Paradis assured everyone that he and Depp are all in order, it is obvious that women's concerns him is not enough.Johnny Depp has long been known for its sophisticated, strange style, inspired by his legendary character Jack Sparrow from "pirates of the Caribbean". However, in this case the negligence is clearly overkill. Although, I must admit that Depp is one of the few who even in the tattered bag looks sexy and cool.By the way, the mood johnny Depp corresponds to its appearance. Judging by the fact that he pointedly ignored the fans, waiting for him to posters in hopes of getting an autograph, he obviously is in a bad mood. Source: johnny Depp was caught in bajovski rags.

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